Monday, 22 March 2010

One Hour Fiction

At the moment, I don't have loads of time for extended periods of writing, unfortunately - Getting married at the weekend (which is not in any way unfortunate!), and busy with lots of things at work, too. However I'm trying to keep writing anyway, hence the "One hour fiction" idea. I'll take a topic and after an hour, be done with it. In one sense it's a bit wasteful - am I relegating great ideas by "using them up" in a tiny piece of throwaway fiction? I hope not! If nothing else, the shorts can be used as platforms for ideas and longer, more worthy pieces.

So, I ask you: What shall I write about? Think small, contained scenarios that can be adequately explored in 1000 words or so (probably not going to get further than 1000 in an hour!).

If you have any ideas, stick them in the comments. I'll blog the results.


  1. The Guy On The Left22 March 2010 at 17:36

    A guy gets addicted to car tree fresheners, so he stays in his car for the rest of his life. He does everything sitting/living in his car that a normal person would do in the outside world. His marriage is put to a test as well as health problems arise due to a lack of physical activity. He even wears the fresheners all over his body, because his body odor became too disgusting and washing himself in the car became "too exhausting" for him. At one point he is about to go insane in his car, when it appears that he used up all the supplies of car fresheners of the whole town. An order of 50 boxes from the internet is being delayed, because all post office employees went on strike for higher wages. He decides to leave his safe haven, his garage, and take a drive to the post office and resolve this "issue". (like in The Terminator, maybe, when Arnold drove the car into the police station. Just an option.)

    Plot hole question: Why doesn't he just sniff the car fresheners any place outside of his car? Because according to him it's "just not the same", the car itself has something to do with it, how it turns a regular car tree freshener into an - how he calls it - "spiritual experience". Or one could just argument, that he was insane from the beginning.

  2. A team of explores crash land on an alien planet, one my one they they eave the ship and adventure out in hope of supplies and civilization. Sooner or later it comes to the main character who has to adventure out, as she goes further and further away she starts to feel healthy and happy and feels so good, forgets to go back or does not want to go back works either way

    I was going to use this for my self, but i'm to lazy to write it ha-ha, so you can have it. Oh my advice if you want to keep it under an hour put it whosoever eyes before he/she has to go out, and have them tell up to that point

  3. Someone/no one/anyone15 June 2011 at 13:00

    Some crazy scientist guy invents a time-machine and gets killed by a mysterious accident. The main character finds the time-machine and accidentaly activates it. The time-machine is destroyed (don't ask me how) when the main character arrives in the past/future and he/she has to find a way back...

    You'll probably never use this since you don't write One Hour Fiction anymore (?), but I just thought I should post my idea anyway...

    Please exuse my horrible english, I'm norwegian.

  4. It's more than one year since I commented my idea... You're not going to use it, are you?

    Sorry for all the (useless) comments by the way... Dx

  5. I had forgotten about these! Perhaps I will... which was yours?

  6. Oh, it wasn't one year... I think I just read 2010 instead of 2011. Anyways, my idea was the one that was probably stolen from something else, since it's not creative at all. It was the one about the time machine, hahaha...
    That idea doesn't sound like anything you would wite. Mainly because you write about awesome, creative stuff.

  7. I actually got a better idea...
    A guy is starting to question his own sanity, and hasn't told anyone that he might be insane. But one day, ironicaly, he's being offered a job as a doctor at a hospital for insane people.

    By the way... I thought you would be famous or something, since you work for MM. And because of this blog. It was actually quite shocking to see that some of the stuff you wrote had no comments... I wonder why...